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Smart clothing

Sweat Absorption

Everyone can agree that one-day Technology and Clothing will be fully integrated into one. Where monitoring of people’s health and body measurements will be commonplace.

The data gathered can be used for health checks, customising fittings and identifying exercise routines.

Girl doing pushups

European scientists were developing clothing which was able to monitor your health by absorbing body fluids, such as blood and sweat.

The aim of the clothing was to check on individuals who were hospital patients, had a chronic illness or injured athletes.

With the hope that it will be able to check the body’s vital signs, assess the progress of healing wounds and spot illnesses and infections by checking for abnormalities in metabolism.


Imagine being able to charge your devices while sunbathing without needing a wall socket or power bank.

Girl walking through the water

Your first thought would have been “Impossible!”, but there has been research into sewing Photovoltaic strips into pieces of clothing.

The early prototypes were swimwear, as these would have been the best way to test the efficiency.

Sensors record the world

Sensors come in all shapes and sizes, they all can serve different functions to make our lives easier.

While some sensors in clothes will be recording aspects of your body, some are being designed to scan the environment around you.

With the IoT (Internet of Things) all technology is being connected together, making our lives easier.

Sensors in clothing can be purposed into scanning the surrounds and giving information on the temperature, chance of rain and wind speed.

Sending the data across the internet to weather companies or to your mobile device. Keeping the world informed of what is happening around them.


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